Registered investment consultancy and e-commerce firm ICEBERG Financial has launched the newest iteration of its data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) engine, dubbed ICE-Watch V2.0.0.

The new model expands on its predecessor, providing new opportunities for financial data analysis, quantitative trading and automatic execution.

Based in Dubai, UAE, ICEBERG Financial employed ICE-Watch V1.0.0, the first version of the cutting-edge machine, particularly for in-house asset management use cases.

ICE-Watch V1.0.0, which has a high-degree pattern recognising engine, was able to identify and indicate customised opportunities among large volumes of financial data with mid-frequency.

The company has utilised the technology to locate custom-made opportunities across over 1,000 instruments and 10 different timeframes simultaneously.

According to ICEBERG Financial, the launch of ICE-Watch V2.0.0 marks a new era in data analytics and quantitative analysis.

The new model includes improved features focusing on significant metrics tuning and strategies optimisation.

Besides, ICE-Watch V2.0.0 allows more targeted and efficient strategies by integrating complex algorithms, and customising solutions based on specific requirements.

ICEBERG Financial stated: ”In the world of quantitative trading and analysis, the ability to tune metrics within enormous data streams is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

”ICE-Watch V2.0.0 recognises this and incorporates advanced techniques to ensure that the analytics are not only vast but precise, nuanced, and adaptable.”

The focus on metric tuning will enable a more granular understanding of trading patterns and market behaviour to facilitate more informed and strategic decisions.

Furthermore, the optimisation of the metrics results in a more agile and responsive trading strategy, helping to adapt to market changes with unparalleled efficiency.