Handelsbanken Norway has engaged with Finnish IT software and services firm Tietoevry to modernise its wealth platform.

The partnership will allow Handelsbanken Norway to deliver financial products, including mutual funds, equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and others through a single modern self-service platform for its private and corporate customers.

The products will be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the bank’s ecosystem through the platform’s open application programming interfaces (APIs).

According to Tietoevry, the new agreement is built on a long-existing partnership between the two companies for equities trading.

The partnership is extended with the currently ongoing implementation of the complete wealth platform, including asset and portfolio management.

Handelsbanken wealth and asset management Norway head Cibyl Ekstrøm Kjerstad said: “This collaboration enables us to always be innovative in the Wealth management field, as we will be able to upgrade the solution in a robust and innovative environment continuously.

”This will be visible for our full customer base within savings, as it takes our full front-and back-end for our wealth offering to a new level. We have chosen Tietoevry to help us scale our solutions and grow our business, and we look forward to implementing this in close collaboration with Tietoevry Banking.”

The alliance with Tietoevry will enable Handelsbanken Norway to provide their customers and wealth management advisors with interactive and user-friendly resources that allow them to streamline their savings and investments.

Besides, Tietoevry said that the wealth platform from Tietoevry Banking will improve self-service actionability with full-time availability and the highest security standards.

Tietoevry Banking funds and savings equities head Dag Hasvold said: “During economic turbulence, banks’ customers grow increasingly conscious of their savings and are seeking emerging digital self-service features for a better overview and simpler management of their assets.

”At the same time, when the customer base expands, it is crucial to have efficient and automated processes and tools that scale well in the back-end to cater for speed and to maintain quality and reduce costs.

”We are therefore proud to help Handelsbanken meet all these demands, as well as customers’ ever-increasing expectations for novel experiences. We are building on a long-lasting relationship and take great pride in expanding our collaboration further with our SaaS solution for Wealth management.”

In October 2022, IBM collaborated with Tietoevry to support Tietoevry Banking in providing secured and innovative payment and transaction technology solutions to banks around the world.