Goldman Sachs has introduced a new visual analytics dashboarding solution, dubbed Marquee MarketView, to optimise the investment process of its institutional clients in global markets.

The new solution is available through Goldman Sachs’ digital platform Marquee for institutional investors as well as corporate clients.

Marquee MarketView offers visual insights developed by Goldman Sachs to answer significant questions in global markets with tailored data analytics.

Investors can seamlessly monitor Goldman Sachs market trend analyses across asset classes through the single and unified platform.

The new patent-pending tool also enables them to generate customised dashboards to address their unique investment requirements and share insights easily for frictionless collaboration.

Through Marquee MarketView, Goldman Sachs intends to solve the problems created by fragmented data and scattered insights.

It is designed to be an interactive, customisable, and collaborative dashboarding solution for visual analytics to optimise the generation of ideas and investment process.

The new solution is available on both web and mobile.

It allows users to find insights developed by Goldman Sachs’ experts in the form of graphs and charts to easily track and analyse market movements.

Besides, Marquee MarketView enables the creation of tailored dashboards, including the ability to pin and rearrange widgets.

Goldman Sachs marquee head Chris Churchman said: “We are thrilled to bring this innovative new product to market for our clients. Marquee MarketView provides a visual, interactive, and dynamic solution for anyone looking for a comprehensive and flexible tool to track and analyse global markets.

“Clients can leverage the best insights and data that Goldman Sachs and our partner vendors have to offer in an open ecosystem, while enriching their Marquee MarketView dashboards with their own insights in a private and secure way.”