Glia, a digital customer interaction technology provider, has introduced a responsible artificial intelligence (AI) platform dubbed Glia Cortex, which has been developed specifically for the financial services sector.

Glia Cortex is said to offer tailored self-service experiences at scale.

By leveraging the new platform, financial firms will be able to use AI that is safe and secure. The organisations will also deliver real return on investment (RoI) for customer service and contact centres.

This is expected to drive efficiencies, reduce wait times as well as improve the customer and agent experience.

Besides, Glia Cortex supports financial institutions in modernising their contact centre with AI by automating customer interactions, boosting agent productivity, and facilitating deeper visibility for managers.

According to Glia, Glia Cortex seamlessly and securely integrates AI throughout the company’s unified interaction management platform, making it easy to adopt and deliver immediate value.

Glia Cortex features the Customer AI, Agent AI, and Manager AI components. Customer AI helps to automate and elevate customer interactions in any channel.

The Agent AI component allows agents to automate and optimise existing workflows while Manager AI helps in delivering deeper insights.

Furthermore, the platform enhances operational efficiencies, lowers average handle times and redundancies while consolidating reporting. It also allows institutions to accelerate onboarding time and lower training costs.

Glia chief product officer Jay Choi said: “Financial institutions are looking to AI to modernise and create efficiencies in their contact centres, however they have been rightfully cautious as significant questions around safety, privacy, and business and reputational risks associated with adopting AI remain.

“Glia Cortex unleashes the benefits of AI and generative AI while maintaining proper, steady guardrails to keep data private and secure. We’ve made it possible to deploy AI without introducing risk, providing responsible technology that institutions and their customers can trust.”