Glia, a provider of digital customer service technology provider, is set to empower financial institutions with cutting-edge generative AI tools which promise to boost efficiency and enhance the customer experience (CX) in a secure manner.

Generative AI, powered by large language models (LLMs), is poised to revolutionise customer support by streamlining processes and acting as a valuable co-pilot for staff. By automating repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity, Glia’s generative AI tools are set to propel customer service into a new era.

Glia co-founder and chief strategy officer Justin DiPietro said: “Financial institutions want to embrace generative AI but have been hesitant because of potential risks surrounding data leakage, data integrity, privacy and, perhaps most notably, the impact to the customer.

“Glia’s new generative AI tools help earn trust from customers while providing an open, flexible framework for financial institutions. It’s a win-win-win situation, bringing significant time savings for the service team, enhanced satisfaction for the customer and increased efficiency for the financial institution.”

Glia is incorporating these generative AI tools into its existing AI Management Platform, which already includes pre-built virtual assistants tailored for banks and credit unions. This dynamic platform allows financial institutions to seamlessly deploy, manage, and evaluate AI resources across digital channels and call centers.

Among the noteworthy features of these generative AI tools are:

1. Universal AI Management Framework: Financial institutions gain the ability to create, manage, and integrate AI and generative AI powered bots from major companies like OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more into both customer and agent workflows. This tool enables the orchestration of multiple specialized bots within a single conversation.

2. Unified AI Reporting: A consolidated view of all AI and Generative AI assistants deployed within Glia provides invaluable insights to AI managers. This comprehensive overview allows them to evaluate effectiveness, value delivery, and areas for improvement.

3. Banking Benchmarks: Financial institutions can now compare their performance against similar-sized organisations. This feature enables better decision-making, strategy improvement, and ongoing progress monitoring.

Glia chief product officer Jay Choi said: “This next wave of AI is significantly increasing the efficiency and productivity of customer service teams.

“Many organisations are looking for how to incorporate it into their workflows. Our innovative generative AI features enhance employee skills while optimising—not replacing—the power of human touch. We help organisations integrate generative AI into their existing processes and tools.”

Moreover, Glia announced the widespread adoption of its pre-packaged Glia Virtual Assistant (‘GVA’) by over 100 banks and credit unions. This accomplishment establishes GVA as the most widely embraced conversational AI solution in the financial services sector.

Notably, GVAs have been extended to the traditional dial-up phone channel and are now accessible in SMS and various major messaging apps, ensuring a consistent, meaningful customer interaction across all primary channels.

In the past year, GVAs have already saved financial institutions over 22 years of agent time. With this expansion into new interaction channels, Glia is poised to deliver the same proven experience and value at scale.

Customers can expect seamless service through digital, dial-up phone, and SMS channels, reaffirming Glia’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences.