First Hawaiian Bank (FHB), Hawaii’s largest financial institution, has chosen Q2 PrecisionLender, a relationship pricing and profitability solution provided by Q2, a digital transformation solutions provider for banking and lending.

The move is expected to optimise client relationships, foster internal team collaboration, and facilitate more profitable deals.

Founded in 1858, First Hawaiian Bank is recognised as one of the top 50 banks in the US, boasting total assets of nearly $25bn. Serving customers across the Hawaiian Islands to Guam, Saipan, and the West Coast, the bank aims to remain competitive, reduce risk, and drive revenue.

Since 2015, FHB has been powered by Q2’s best-in-class digital banking platform, employing their online and mobile business banking solutions. Building on this success, FHB has expanded its partnership with Q2 to further enhance the client experience through intelligent, actionable data insights and a collaborative approach to treasury management, leveraging Q2 PrecisionLender and Premium Treasury Pricing.

Q2 customer success senior vice president Katharine Briggs said: “We look forward to deepening our partnership with First Hawaiian Bank.

“First Hawaiian Bank’s digital vision is focused on transformation for both its customers and its employees. It’s exciting to see the role Q2 PrecisionLender will play in modernising and informing their holistic approach to relationship banking––from commercial lending through treasury.”

Q2 PrecisionLender is part of Q2 Catalyst, a suite of commercial banking solutions built on the world’s largest repository of commercial data.

Used by over 26,000 bankers at financial institutions of all sizes, including major US banks, Q2 PrecisionLender empowers client relationship managers with the aid of its intelligent virtual analyst, Andi.

Andi provides real-time insights and coaching, guiding bankers to structure, price, and negotiate more advantageous deals, ultimately building stronger and more profitable relationships. By combining the latest technology and data with the expertise of bankers, Andi delivers recommendations on deal structures and tactics during the pricing and negotiation process.

With Q2 PrecisionLender, FHB aims to take their client engagement to new heights, bolster team collaboration, and seize growth opportunities in the dynamic banking landscape.

As it continues to innovate and adapt with Q2’s solutions, FHB remains committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers and maintaining its position as a leading player in the financial industry.

FHB retail banking group vice chairman Neill Char said: “Q2 gives us a true competitive advantage.

“It has so many benefits that we didn’t anticipate upfront. For example, bankers have a virtual personal coach, 24/7, with Andi Skills. In this day and age, with respect to the commoditisation of banking and commercial lending, I believe Q2 PrecisionLender has really helped us emphasise who we are, a relationship-focused bank.”