FIntegrate Technology, a fintech specialising in dispute management and collections/recovery software solutions, has partnered with ThreatAdvice to prevent fraud in financial organisations.

Based in the US, ThreatAdvice offers fraud and cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions. The company’s tools allow organisations to keep up with the changing threats and safeguard their assets effectively.

ThreatAdvice also offers a solution, dubbed FraudXchange, to support financial firms fight fraud. FraudXchange is a centralised platform that enables the reporting and exchange of fraudulent transactions for financial institutions.

According to the terms of the agreement, FIntegrate Technology will integrate ThreatAdvice’s TAFraudSentry solution into its FusionDMS dispute management and resolution software.

FusionDMS provides a unified platform designed to automate workflows, increase productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance across all types of financial disputes. This will eliminate the hurdles associated with manual or non-integrated dispute management.

ThreatAdvice president Russell Taylor said: “Our collaboration with FIntegrate represents a significant stride in empowering financial institutions with advanced fraud solutions.

“By combining ThreatAdvice’s TAFraudSentry platform with FIntegrate’s FusionDMS for dispute management, we are equipping institutions with the tools they need to proactively combat fraud, prevent losses, and protect their customers’ financial well-being.”

Through the partnership, FIntegrate Technology and ThreatAdvice aim to strengthen the defense mechanisms of financial institutions against fraud, while also simplifying operations and enhancing customer confidence.

FIntegrate Technology CEO Kris Bishop said: “By integrating ThreatAdvice’s TAFraudSentry solution into our FusionDMS platform, we are enhancing our ability to identify fraudulent transactions earlier in the process and help reduce disputes and losses to the financial institutions.

“This partnership represents our commitment to offering integrated, automated, cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and safeguard our clients’ assets.”

FIntegrate Technology delivers FusionCRS to streamline the delinquency, collection, loss mitigation, and recovery tasks by bringing them into a unified platform collections and recovery system.