Device intelligence platform Fingerprint has collaborated with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven risk and fraud management firm Oscilar with an aim to bring seamless fraud prevention to the fintech industry.

Through the collaboration, both parties aim to support fintech companies with advanced fraud prevention and detection capabilities along with ensuring a better customer experience.

Founded in 2021, Oscilar offers no-code, AI-driven platform for fintechs, banks, and credit unions to manage fraud, compliance, and credit risks.

Oscilar co-founder and chief technology officer Sachin Kulkarni said: “By integrating their unparalleled device intelligence into our no-code platform, we’re making it easier than ever for our clients to automate risk decisioning, reduce fraud and deliver the seamless experiences their customers deserve.”

The partnership will empower fintech companies, banks, and credit unions to integrate Fingerprint’s device intelligence into multiple user interactions across the customer journey within Oscilar’s platform.

This will enable them to prevent use cases including new account fraud, account takeover as well as payment fraud.

Customers will also be able to access a no-code/low-code and natural language-based risk platform that enables fast, easy deployment of risk models.

It will allow companies to save engineering resources and integrate third-party data sources, including Fingerprint, rapidly with a single application programming interface (API).

Besides, clients can use highly precise device intelligence, including DeviceID and Smart Signals at every phase of the customer journey.

Furthermore, customers can utilise automated risk decisioning with real-time insights.

Fingerprint co-founder and CEO Dan Pinto said: “By joining forces with Oscilar, we empower customers to strike the perfect balance between user convenience and robust security.

“We are committed to providing businesses with the most reliable, efficient and secure solutions to protect their assets and safeguard their customers’ trust.”