Financial software applications provider Finastra has entered into a collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence to bring together their solutions for corporate and syndicated lending. 

Through the partnership, the parties intend to provide significant benefits to common clients. 

By eliminating the manual re-keying component of transactions across the loan and trade lifecycles, the collaboration seeks to assist clients who use Finastra and S&P Global Market Intelligence’s products to lower risk, enhance automation, and expedite transaction processing. 

Besides, users are expected to experience pre-built, seamless integration as well as the capability to digitally transfer data between the solutions. 

Finastra corporate and syndicated lending global head Robert Downs said: “The collaboration between Finastra and S&P Global Market Intelligence brings clear synergies given our complementary solutions, highly overlapping sellside customer base, and extensive reach by S&P Global Market Intelligence into the buyside and their service providers. 

“Together we can bring both sides of the corporate and syndicated lending market together for the mutual benefit of all parties. We’re addressing a gap in the ecosystem by facilitating end-to-end interoperability and greatly simplifying the loan lifecycle for common clients.” 

S&P Global Market Intelligence, a part of US-based private banking company S&P Global, offers actionable intelligence on the worldwide financial markets, companies, and industries. Its analytical solutions and data services facilitate clients to understand market trends, discover investment opportunities, examine risk, perform valuations, and monitor performance. 

Both Finastra and S&P Global Market Intelligence aim to leverage their combined capabilities to evolve data flows across the board, including real-time updates for positions, trades, secure wire details, and other aspects of the loan lifecycle. 

S&P Global Market Intelligence loan platforms head Patricia Tessier said: “Our work with Finastra and the planned integration of their sellside capabilities with ClearPar and our extensive data, software and workflow applications aims to transform operations for our common clients and bring the loans community forward. 

“When combined with S&P Global Market Intelligence’s extensive KYC, onboarding, tax, and trade closing managed services, this creates a unique set of solutions for the global lending market.”