Three sister companies G2 Web Services (G2), LCI, and Fintellix, which are engaged in the financial risk sector have combined their operations to form a single integrated operating company and brand named G2 Risk Solutions (G2RS).

The three firms were purchased by Stellex Capital Management and had commenced operations in January last year.

Under the unified entity G2 Risk Solutions, the organisation is set to offer an expanding array of risk and compliance solutions to a diverse global clientele. This client base includes highly regulated companies such as banks, supervisory entities, lenders, creditors, merchant acquirers, and internet platforms.

G2 Risk Solutions operates globally, with teams situated in the US, the UK, India, the Philippines, the Middle East, and Italy.

The company aims to provide top-tier services, addressing the increasing demands of risk and regulatory mandates. These areas encompass merchant risk, digital commerce risk, bankruptcy risk, and credit risk, along with regulatory reporting.

G2 Risk Solutions CEO Brian Longe said: “The nature of financial, operational, and compliance and regulatory risk today is a deeply intricate web of people, technology, and shifting economic and societal forces.

“Leaders across G2, LCI, and Fintellix quickly recognised the opportunity to unite, creating what we believe to be a powerhouse of risk and compliance expertise. Our collective strengths position us to become the go-to expert in risk and compliance business intelligence for the financial and digital ecosystems.”

According to G2 Risk Solutions, there is a swift emergence of new corporate risks, propelled by various market dynamics. These include the surge in e-commerce, the prevalence of cyber threats, shifts in customer behaviour, intricate fraud schemes, and heightened scrutiny from regulators across the globe.

Alongside Longe, the executive leadership team at G2 Risk Solutions comprises Rochelle Blease, serving as the president of G2 and LCI, and Shailendra Mruthyunjayappa, who holds the position of president at Fintellix.

Blease brings over 35 years of expertise in risk management, regulatory compliance, legal matters, and financial product growth within the financial services sector.

Mruthyunjayappa, with over 25 years of experience, specialises in delivering technology platforms, data analytics, and risk solutions to the financial services industry.