Ernst & Young (EY) said that EY US, its US unit, has entered into a partnership with low-code process automation firm Appian to assist customers on digital transformation initiatives by using intelligent automation and process mining.

The collaboration between EY US and Appian is expected to support organisations within the financial services sector to adapt and respond to the quickly changing business environment. For this, the parties will be combining an ecosystem of hyper-automation tools and implementation capabilities.

With its low-code features, the US-based Appian enables its customers to start a smart automation journey apart from reducing delivery timelines.

Appian offers a unified platform for streamlining business operations and automating existing tasks, as well as for rapidly designing new digital software solutions.

The company enables enterprises to drive business efficiency, unlock digital innovation, and connect customers and employees in end-to-end business processes with its low-code automation platform.

Furthermore, the platform is said to help enterprises in lowering maintenance costs and gaining higher functionality compared to traditional software development.

Appian chief revenue officer Christopher Jones said: “Responding rapidly to changes in business conditions is at the heart of competitive differentiation. This is difficult in the post-COVID-19 world where people, processes, systems and data are more dispersed than ever.

“Appian unifies the technologies needed to drive change in a single platform, and EY US provides the proven guidance that helps maximise success.”

The alliance is anticipated to support all business processes, including product innovation, customer service modernisation, distribution and sales optimisation, finance and risk transformation, enterprise protection, and enterprise IT transformation.

EY said that with the partnership, clients can access a wider transformation capabilities to enhance and automate workflows by utilising digital process automation, intelligent business process management, and low-code application development.

EY financial services automation leader George Kaczmarskyj said: “The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the business models of organisations like never before and accelerated the need for digital transformation.

“For organisations traversing this path, the EY–Appian Alliance offers technology, tools and implementation support for a seamless digital shift.

“Business users can leverage these capabilities to limit their reliance on manual tasks, assemble new processes and help optimise application development to accelerate service delivery for all functions across the enterprise and increase customer satisfaction.”