Eltropy, a US-based digital conversations platform for community financial institutions, has partnered with cloud-based digital banking solutions provider Alkami Technology to enhance digital conversations for financial institutions.

The collaboration will enable more financial organisations to develop tailored account-holder experiences for any interaction made across various communication channels.

According to Eltropy, its enterprise-wide digital conversations solution has been built to enable financial firms interact with members via text, video, web browser sharing, secure chat, or other digital channels.

Eltropy’s solution will help community banks and credit unions to communicate with account holders at any time and from any location. This allows them to offer their users customised service and support on the platform of their choice.

Eltropy strategic partnerships vice president Jason Smith said: “We are thrilled to partner with Alkami to help financial institutions better engage with their members.

“This is a strategic partnership we have taken time to develop in multiple areas. It’s exciting to consider the value this partnership can bring financial institutions in support of the account holders with whom they are working so hard to help fulfill their financial needs and dreams.”

Eltropy said that the new solution adds value to more than just a financial institution’s contact centre as it can be leveraged by marketing, lending, and other departments to improve the engagement and satisfaction of account holders.

Alkami Technology channel partnership manager Chad Hoar said: “With Eltropy’s platform solution, financial institutions can improve the conversations and engagement with their account holders across all channels, seamlessly — something increasingly critical in today’s point-solution, competitive environment.”

Earlier this month, Alkami Technology introduced an engagement artificial intelligence (AI) model for the financial services sector through its AI predictive modelling solution.

The new model empower financial institutions by integrating AI, machine learning (ML), and Alkami Technology’s proprietary Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).