Elite Consulting Partners, a US-based firm, has acquired Advisors Successions, for an undisclosed price, in a strategic move to bolster its position in the financial services transition and business consulting sector.

Advisors Successions is a specialised firm engaged in facilitating connections between qualified buyers and sellers within the financial services industry, particularly those seeking succession and growth opportunities.

The acquisition involves the integration of Advisors Successions into Elite Consulting Partners’ existing Elite Corporate Services division. This division is renowned for its expertise in collaborating with Broker-Dealers, Hybrid firms, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to help them achieve their internal advisor hiring objectives.

The resulting entity from this merger will operate under the name Elite Advisor Successions.

Under the umbrella of Elite Advisor Successions, the newly formed platform aims to empower financial advisors in expanding and monetising their practices through acquisitions, whether as qualified buyers or sellers.

Employing a proprietary evaluation process, Elite Advisor Successions will leverage an online suite of cutting-edge tools and resources alongside consulting services. This comprehensive approach is designed to facilitate a seamless match between advisors and acquisition or succession opportunities.

The synergy anticipated from the creation of Elite Advisor Successions is poised to deliver enhanced outcomes for client firms seeking to recruit financial advisors. Simultaneously, it is expected to increase the number of sellers entering the market, providing prospective buyers with a more extensive pool of opportunities.

This strategic move aligns with Elite Consulting Partners’ commitment to offering a holistic solution for financial advisors and firms navigating the intricate landscape of the buy-sell process. The incorporation of Advisors Successions, into Elite’s operations signifies a significant step toward reinforcing the firm’s capabilities and fostering growth within the financial services industry.

Elite Consulting Partners CEO and Elite Advisor Successions managing partner Frank LaRosa said: “Elite Advisor Successions will be powered by Elite Consulting Partners, a firm recognised not just as the leader in recruiting and business consulting for financial services, but also for its scale, technology, and thought leadership.

“With the addition of Elite Advisor Successions to our Elite family of companies, we have reached a pivotal moment in our own growth trajectory as we continue to execute on our mission to provide cutting-edge, enhanced strategic opportunities for our advisor and firm clients alike.”