Einvestment, a five years operating wealth management platform , is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved version of the Investor’s Portal. The upgraded platform comes with exciting analytics and research features, as well as expanded investment opportunities, providing investors with a more responsive, secure, and functional experience.

As of mid-Jul, investors can access a broader range of investment products, including those that were launched in 2022. Another key highlight is the modern and user-friendly interface of the dashboard. Investors can now navigate the platform effortlessly, accessing their portfolios and managing their investments with ease. Additionally, the platform offers advanced analytics and research tools.

Security has always been a top priority for Einvestment, and the new tool reinforces this commitment. With the latest security updates and measures in place, investors’ financial information and assets are better protected than ever. Moreover, the platform’s performance enhancements ensure a smooth and efficient user experience, even during peak periods.

Einvestment’s new version introduces a broader range of customizable settings, allowing investors to tailor their preferences through a wide range of controls. Notably, the platform now offers single sign-on functionality via Google accounts, which streamlines the login process.

“We are excited to share that we’ve released the new version of the investor’s portal for our clients, and we are proud that this event is tied to the 5-year anniversary of our mutual fund,” said Gyros Chrysoulis, Managing Director at Einvestment. “We’ll keep working on improvements and new features that will be released every quarter from now.”

Source: Company Press Release