Dragonfly Financial Technologies, a FinTech specialising in digital banking and treasury management, has introduced new deployment options for its Universal Online Banker platform.

These options aim to assist banks in rapidly and efficiently delivering high-quality digital-first business banking services at scale, allowing them to compete effectively with FinTech companies offering competitive solutions.

The Universal Online Banking platform is distinct in the market as a composable banking platform specifically designed to meet the digital and embedded business banking requirements of today.

Offering ultimate flexibility, agility, and user-friendliness, customers have the freedom to select the implementation option that best aligns with their bank’s needs and the size of their corporate clients.

The available options include Dragonfly Digital, Dragonfly as a Service, and Dragonfly FinTech Integration Center.

Dragonfly Digital is suitable for banks seeking a fully featured user interface “out of the box” through a comprehensive managed-service offering, enabling the bank to focus on serving their corporate clients while Dragonfly handles the technical aspects.

For banks desiring a “headless” platform that leverages APIs, event streams, composable UX components, and microservices from Dragonfly to quickly establish a fully featured solution, Dragonfly as a Service is an ideal choice.

Dragonfly FinTech Integration Center caters to banks aiming to embed their brand directly into popular FinTech applications, making their banking services easily accessible to customers. Additionally, this option grants FinTech companies access to real-time banking information and payment transactions for their business customers.

Dragonfly Financial Technologies chief product officer Jim Gillespie said: “We believe in banks and their ability to provide the best digital banking solutions to their small business, commercial and corporate customers.

“Our new Universal Online Banking solution deployments combine our market- proven business banking functionality with composable banking technologies that hand over control of the user experience to our banking customers. With our Universal Online Banker platform, banks can access APIs, event streams, and microservices, and the tools to embed their bank brand directly into common FinTech apps – delivering the configurability and scalability they need to be successful.”

The newly introduced Universal Online Banker deployments provide a seamless and secure digital banking experience to Dragonfly’s business and commercial banking customers, ranging from small to large financial institutions, as well as their corporate clients.

Whether managing cashflow and liquidity, initiating and collecting payments, preventing fraudulent transactions, or fulfilling other banking needs, these deployments ensure a smooth and reliable experience.

Moreover, the composable banking platform empowers Dragonfly’s customers to effortlessly expand their range of digital banking capabilities, including banking as a service, and seamlessly integrate their solutions into popular FinTech applications.

Zions Bank executive vice president, managing director Jacob Heugly said: “As a long-standing customer of Dragonfly, we continue to be impressed with Universal Online Banker’s capabilities and its ability to help us deliver new services to our commercial and small business banking customers.

“The upgrade process went exceptionally well, and we’re pleased by Dragonfly’s dedication to ensuring our customers did not experience any interruption of services.”