Denmark-based Danske Bank has agreed to migrate selected infrastructure, applications, and data, including systems for personal, business, and institutional customers to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Both parties have also signed a multiyear agreement.

This comes as a part of the Danish bank’s Forward’ 28 strategy. Danske Bank aims to provide customers with new digital solutions, self-service options, and better access to daily banking requirements.

According to Danske Bank, additional investments in digitalisation and cloud technology are one way of achieving the strategic goal.

Danske Bank intends to transfer more than 16,600 virtual and physical servers and over 1,000 applications from its private cloud to AWS.

By leveraging AWS’ full range of cloud technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) /machine learning and generative AI services, the bank will strengthen its internal developer productivity, and power conversational interfaces.

The bank also aims to provide tailored recommendations and gain insights from customer interactions to continuously enhance the digital banking experience for its clients.

Through the partnership with AWS, the Danish bank will gain access to applications, services, and functionality on cloud. Danske Bank will also streamline and modernise its applications by utilising AWS technologies.

The migration to AWS will scale its productivity gains across the entire organisation, said the bank.

Danske Bank chief operating officer Frans Woelders said: “Working with the latest technology enables us to nurture innovation and give employees the opportunity to upskill, while allowing the bank to become a more attractive employer to prospective talent.

“AWS’s global infrastructure and comprehensive cloud capabilities will enable our developers to quickly build, test and launch next-generation banking services in compliance with security, regulatory and sustainability requirements.”