Dutch banking technology company Backbase has entered into an agreement with Denmark-based Danske Bank to enhance the latter’s digital customer experience.

Through the agreement, Danske Bank gains access to Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform, a system that will be gradually rolled out across digital channels in the upcoming years.

The implementation will empower Danske Bank to provide its customers with an ever-evolving digital experience.

The enhanced flexibility provided by the platform is expected to help the Nordic bank to tailor its business operations according to customer journeys, ensuring a more personalised and improved digital customer experience.

Danske Bank chief operating officer Frans Woelders said: “This engagement is a testament to our customer focus and our commitment to ensuring the best digital banking experience for the future.

“A new platform that works across the web, mobile apps, and our adviser tools is one of the ambitions in Danske Bank’s Forward ’28 strategy, and the agreement with Backbase is the next step towards achieving that ambition.”

Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform is designed to bring about modernisation and simplification of the current IT landscape. This involves a reduction in the number of siloed channel applications.

The platform adopts a mobile-first engagement model, emphasising a customer-centric approach. This model seamlessly guides customers between automated and expert advice.

A key feature of the platform is its unified nature, consolidating data, workflows, and business logic into a single, customer-centric platform. This consolidation facilitates efficient journey orchestration, benefiting both customers and bank employees by providing a unified and cohesive operational environment.

Furthermore, Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform is designed to bring agility and freedom to the banking landscape. This enhances flexibility, allowing the swift implementation of business capabilities and adaptation to the ever-evolving dynamics of the market.

Backbase founder and CEO Jouk Pleiter said: “We are thrilled to announce the engagement with Danske Bank, a visionary collaboration set to redefine the future of banking. Together, we will execute a bank-wide, digital transformation programme and elevate Danske Bank’s customer experience to new heights.”