Fintech and regtech solutions provider CSI has finalised a partnership with Dragonfly Financial Technologies, a digital banking and treasury management firm, to expand business banking and cash management capabilities.

Through the partnership, CSI will utilise Dragonfly Financial’s Universal Online Banker platform.

CSI CEO and president David Culbertson said: “The versatility of this partnership allows us to deliver a more comprehensive solution that meets each customer’s needs.

“Institutions requiring greater controller access as well as institutions that need a niche type of cash management solution, will each have the ability to compete and acquire more business accounts.”

The collaboration will allow over 20 types of automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, sweep accounts, positive pay and reverse positive pay services as well as expanded domestic and international wire functionality.

Besides, the combination of CSI’s open banking integration capabilities and Dragonfly Financial’s expertise in digital-first business banking will enable the former to cater to a larger percentage of the cash management market.

Financial institutions can choose to adopt CSI’s entire cash management solutions suite or select individual modules and functionality. It will allow them to personalise their offerings based on specific use cases and customer requirements.

Dragonfly Financial Technologies CEO Johan Roets said: “We are excited to partner with CSI and provide our Universal Online Banker platform to CSI customers.

“Universal Online Banker will improve the commercial banking customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and help CSI’s customers grow their deposits and revenue.”

In May 2023, Dragonfly Financial introduced new deployment options for the Universal Online Banker platform.

The options aimed to support banks in rapidly and efficiently delivering high-quality digital-first business banking services at scale.