US-based Clearwater Analytics has wrapped up its previously announced acquisition of risk and performance analytics solutions from global financial services firm Wilshire Advisors.

Clearwater Analytics is a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based investment management, accounting, reporting, and analytics solutions.

Following the completion of the transaction, Wilshire Atlas, Wilshire Axiom, Wilshire iQComposite and Wilshire Abacus will be integrated with Clearwater Analytics’ solutions in the risk and performance space.

Clearwater Wilshire Analytics will offer analytical capabilities for investment managers and institutional asset owners, including public pension plans, foundations, insurers, endowments and others.

The offerings will allow decision-makers to operate performance attribution and risk decomposition of investment portfolios. The capability to add user-defined risk models will enable risk analysis that can be tailored for each client.

Clearwater Analytics CEO Sandeep Sahai said: “Our vision is to create the preeminent investment management solution for firms around the globe. Clearwater’s integrated platform eliminates the need for multiple data reconciliations, serving as a reliable singular source of truth.

“The addition of these advanced analytics solutions will equip decision makers with extensive insights into their portfolios, reinforcing Clearwater’s dedication to data accuracy, operational efficiency and client growth.”

According to Clearwater Analytics, front-office customers will get advantage of portfolio construction tools, based on benchmarks and constraints, and support back-testing portfolios.

Besides, what-if analysis will help clients measure the potential impact of different investment options as well as market scenarios on their portfolios.

Furthermore, Clearwater Analytics intends to fulfil various analytics requirements of its clients by offering access to standard metrics including the Sharpe Ratio, Jensen’s Alpha, and others.

The company also said that the composites platform will provide asset managers with the ability to strategically report on their performance by strategy. This will enable rules-based inclusion and exclusion of portfolios with a comprehensive audit trail.

Clearwater Analytics also aims to improve Wilshire Advisors’ current offerings with the capabilities of its own platform.