Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that its generative artificial intelligence (AI) services are being leveraged by sustainability technology platform Clarity AI to advance sustainable investing at scale.

Apart from AWS’ generative AI, Clarity AI is using the Amazon company’s machine learning and analytics capabilities to gauge sustainability and social impact of companies and funds. The sustainability technology platform is operating its mission-critical platforms on AWS.

Clarity AI will also offer sustainability analysis tools for corporate research, investing, benchmarking, consumer ecommerce buying, as well as regulatory reporting.

By utilising Amazon SageMaker, Amazon SageMaker Studio, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud GPU instances, Clarity AI is said to train up to seven billion parameter large language models (LLMs) and natural language processing (NLP) models.

The models identify, handle, and organise millions of unstructured data points from sustainability reports, earnings calls, financial reports, and research documents.

Clarity AI then utilises data to assess the degree of environmental severity and identify which businesses may be affected by a particular news event.

Clarity AI board director and product senior vice president Ángel Agudo said: “AWS provides the cloud services, flexibility, and scale we need to be a data-driven company, to unlock the power of AI, and to deliver critical sustainability insights to investors, consumers, and organisations making key decisions that impact our planet and its inhabitants each and every day.”

The firm has built generative AI models on AWS using Amazon SageMaker to explore new data points.

Besides, Clarity AI collects data, recognises problems, and evaluates the magnitude of environmental issues by using NLP models.

Amazon QuickSight allows Clarity AI to show insights using modern, interactive dashboards, reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries.

The sustainability technology platform also engages a generative AI-driven chatbot that runs on AWS to manage inquiries from prospective clients.

Furthermore, Clarity AI depends upon AWS to manage security, enhance governance, and maintain regulatory compliance.

It also plans to expand the use of AWS generative AI and machine learning services such as Amazon Bedrock.

AWS sales, marketing, and global services senior vice president Matt Garman said: “Working with customers like Clarity AI, we believe that choice and security are the winning combination that will help organisations make the most of generative AI to reimagine experiences for customers.”

Clarity AI is claimed to offer transparent and objective data on over 70,000 companies, 420,000 funds, and 400 local governments by using AWS’ cloud capabilities. The sustainability technology platform’s insights are said to support 150 million shoppers to buy from sustainable brands and help investors allocate over $30 trillion in funds toward companies that contribute positively to the environment.