Citi has introduced a new platform dubbed CitiDirect Commercial Banking aimed particularly to meet the requirements of Citi Commercial Bank (CCB) customers.

The new digital client platform is in line with Citi’s strategic investment plan to address the increasing global needs of CCB customers by offering them a single-entry point digital platform. 

CitiDirect Commercial Banking incorporates Citi’s global products and services into a single digital platform.

The platform also offers clients a consolidated 360° view of their Citi banking relationship across loans, trade, foreign exchange (FX), cash, servicing, and onboarding.

The new digital client platform is now live in the US.

According to Citi, more than two-thirds of its US client base are actively using CitiDirect Commercial Banking.

Citi Commercial Bank aims to trial the digital client platform across Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and the UK later this year.

CitiDirect Commercial Banking and digital transformation head Mark Sugden said: “Our new banking platform has been designed and built with a client-centric focus.

“The outcome is an innovative platform that responds to our clients’ complex needs and their expectations of a simple and intuitive digital banking experience.”

CitiDirect Commercial Banking has been developed by working closely with Citi Commercial Bank customers and as a result, it provides clients with an intuitive and seamless digital experience, said Citi.

The new platform will help customers to digitally open accounts as well as ask for new products and services.

Besides, it will offer access to data-driven insights required to support decision-making along with streamlining day-to-day banking interactions with Citi in one place.

Citi Commercial Bank global head Tasnim Ghiawadwala said: “At the time, we spoke about our intention to deliver on a differentiated client experience through a single digital platform, that will empower clients and save them time, while offering them complete visibility and control.

“We anticipate that CitiDirect Commercial Banking will continue to evolve to support our clients as they grow their businesses globally.”