Champ Titles, a US-based digital total loss platform for insurance carriers, has announced a partnership with LossExpress, a division of Factory Intelligent Solutions, to transform the title and registration operations.

Through the collaboration, the parties are expected to more effectively meet the demands of the insurance, automotive retail, and fleet industries.

LossExpress offers software-enabled process automation and records retrieval solutions aimed at optimising automotive total loss claims processes for the insurance industry.

With its platform that links users with an active lienholder network in the US, LossExpress is expected to improve Champ Titles’ technology solution for automotive retailers, insurance carriers, and salvage firms.

Loss Express CEO Brandon Hall said: “We’re confident our platform paired with CHAMP’s solutions will further transform the title transfer industry by helping to streamline procurement processes, settlement resolutions and expedite lien releases.”

According to Champ Titles, its digital total loss (DTL) platform integrated with LossExpress is said to enable insurance carriers to pay off a lien quickly and easily. Besides, the integration is expected to help acquire and transfer a policyholder’s vehicle title in the event of total loss by digitising the process end-to-end without affecting operations.

The automation technologies offered by LossExpress along with Champ Titles’ digital software as a service (SaaS) solutions are anticipated to enable industry participants to reduce the time taken to create, manage, and transfer a vehicle title.

Champ Titles CEO Shane Bigelow said: “We are thrilled to partner with LossExpress and leverage our collective capabilities to expand upon our title and registration solutions.

“There is a real demand for low-cost, high efficiency solutions to accelerate title and registration transactions anywhere in the world and our partnership with LossExpress will further our mission to deliver the fastest, most accurate and secure transactions in the market today.”