Trading provider CFI Financial Group has launched its new third-party artificial intelligence (AI) trading tool, 

The new platform will allow customers to automate their trading strategies using plain and simple English with zero coding. will also support clients with a range of features designed to improve their trading experience and eliminate human error. 

Besides, the AI trading platform provides clients with a platform that streamlines the trading process through code-free automation. 

Furthermore, provides an improved and easier trading experience for customers in the MENA region. 

Through the introduction of, CFI Financial aims to further expand its suite of advanced trading tools and provide its client base with a competitive edge. 

CFI Financial Group co-founder and managing director Hisham Mansour said: “We are excited to introduce as a game-changer in the MENA trading landscape. By offering this code-free AI trading technology, we are empowering our clients with the ability to automate their trading strategies effortlessly.  

“This partnership with underscores our commitment to providing our clients with the latest and most advanced tools, giving them an exclusive advantage in the market.”  

Clients are allowed to plan their trades ahead of time or make use of preset strategies with the help of the new AI platform. will automatically execute positions based on pre-defined parameters to ensure timely and accurate trade execution. 

On behalf of its customers, the AI-powered automation platform diligently tracks the markets in order to identify potential trading opportunities. 

Clients will receive notifications when particular market conditions are in line with their defined trading strategies. It will allow them to capitalise on favourable market movements.