The leading third-party risk management platform, Certa, today announced its official partnership with global corporate data provider and commercial risk intelligence platform, Sayari. Certa’s workflow automation services, combined with Sayari’s integrated business intelligence and ownership data, enable an unparalleled solution for enterprise businesses to onboard, assess risk, and monitor third parties through the duration of their lifecycle. Certa’s no-code capabilities allow users to dynamically adjust workflows and automate decision-making while seamlessly integrating with legacy systems.

“Third party management is a growing concern for businesses who rely on the stability and compliance of their external partners,” stated Certa founder and CEO Jag Lamba. “Certa’s industry-leading workflow solution combined with Sayari’s data sources combine to create a powerful end-to-end management automation solution with risk-appropriate screening in one unified platform.”

Certa’s software can automate and orchestrate entire workflows across business requestors, procurement, compliance, information security, sustainability, privacy, and finance. By utilizing task queues, parallel approval flow, and in-app messaging, Certa’s centralized platform keeps all parties connected and compliant at all times. Sayari provides instant access to structured business information on over 500 million companies and 573 million people in over 200 jurisdictions worldwide, giving customers an upper hand when it comes to risk management. The combined solution will give customers access to Sayari’s risk data, including beneficial ownership and corporate linkage, within Certa’s highly configurable platform.

“When it comes to selecting and maintaining relationships with third-party providers, having the right data for decisioning is a key part of assessing risk and surfacing any issues,” noted Farley Mesko, CEO and co-founder of Sayari. “Certa’s platform gives businesses easy access to Sayari data, allowing them to surface red flags early, remain compliant, and avoid any unforeseen issues. The solution provided by the Sayari and Certa partnership fills a critical need for any enterprise that engages with external third parties.”

Source: Company Press Release