In a strategic move to enhance payment transaction security, Chargeback Gurus (CBG), a provider of chargeback prevention and revenue recovery solutions, has joined forces with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

This partnership aims to introduce an end-to-end managed solution and service, focusing on reducing the risk associated with payment transactions.

The collaboration addresses the critical need for real-time fraud decisioning, highlighting the importance of offering merchants access to managed services equipped with the necessary expertise and tools.

This ensures that fraudulent activities are effectively curtailed, while genuine transactions are facilitated seamlessly. Chargeback Gurus and Microsoft, leveraging their innovative capabilities, are dedicated to creating an optimal end-user experience through this joint initiative.

With this development, businesses utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365 can now tap into Chargeback Gurus’ comprehensive suite of fraud prevention solutions. This expanded access empowers merchants to better manage their fraud risks and efficiently resolve disputes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection general manager Donald Kossmann said: “We are pleased to work with Chargeback Gurus to deliver a comprehensive solution that empowers our clients to win the race against fraud. Chargeback Gurus and Microsoft have complementary capabilities and share the same passion to fight fraud without disrupting the business of honest stakeholders.”

Chargeback Gurus specialises in safeguarding and recovering revenue for its clients by offering flexible, data-driven chargeback management solutions.

The company’s approach revolves around understanding the unique requirements of each client and aligning its strategies with their specific goals. By employing technology-enabled solutions, Chargeback Gurus assists clients in mitigating chargebacks and boosting win rates, thereby maximising their revenue recovery potential.

Chargeback Gurus COO Rodrigo Figueroa said: “Our relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection will unlock a multitude of advantages for merchants and their clients.

“By combining our respective solutions and innovation expertise, merchants now have access to an even more comprehensive end-to-end solution in the payments risk space.”