BridgeFT, a cloud-native wealth infrastructure software company, has announced a partnership with Intrinio, a financial data provider, to provide clients with streamlined access to both custodial and market data through a unified API.

By doing so, the partnership expects to offer enhanced capabilities for financial institutions, fintech innovators, and registered investment advisors.

Intrinio becomes the latest addition to BridgeFT’s WealthTech API Marketplace, a curated collection of technology providers that prioritise an API-first approach to redefining wealth technology. This approach ensures seamless integration with BridgeFT’s WealthTech API infrastructure, allowing clients to access a range of application services that leverage the company’s API capabilities.

The cornerstone of BridgeFT’s offering is the WealthTech API WealthTech-as-a-Service platform. It offers a singular, open API that grants access to multi-custodial data, analytics, and applications, priming them for trading activities.

Intrinio’s API complements this ecosystem by furnishing real-time, delayed, and end-of-day equities and options pricing data, essential fundamental and SEC data, analytics on ETF holdings, and key ESG metrics.

The BridgeFT-Intrinio partnership tackles a significant challenge faced by emerging fintech innovators and investment management platforms: obtaining a diverse range of data required to power their solutions. This often involves considerable time and resource investment in development.

Custodians harbour a diverse spectrum of data driving the investment landscape, including positions, balances, holdings, and trades. However, each custodian possesses distinct data policies, structures, and systems.

Similarly, market data is controlled and licensed by exchanges and distributed via major providers that typically involve expensive contracts. The traditional setup of custodial data and the oligopolistic nature of market data distribution necessitate bespoke data connections for each custodian and market data vendor, alongside the management of complex exchange licenses to access essential market data.

With this partnership, fintech firms and wealth managers gain expedited access to historical, real-time, and analytical data essential for effective wealth management. The reduced development timeline and cost-efficient approach enhance their capabilities significantly.

Intrinio is the second company to become part of BridgeFT’s burgeoning WealthTech API Marketplace, following Yayati, a quantitative investment technology company offering scalable advisor workflows and client investment experiences. BridgeFT plans to introduce additional partners in the near future.

Clients will harness the consolidated data offerings through BridgeFT’s API, supported by a comprehensive licensing agreement with Intrinio. This collaboration marks a pivotal step toward revolutionizing financial data access and utilisation for fintech companies and advisors alike.