Bracket Capital, a global multi-asset investment manager specializing in growth and later-stage, technology-enabled companies, has announced the successful closure of its third flagship funds, collectively known as Fund III, totalling $150m.

In addition to this, Bracket Capital raised an extra $300m in co-investment and evergreen funds to work alongside Fund III, bringing the total equity available for deployment to $450m. The funds garnered strong support from prominent global family offices, leading institutions, high net worth individuals, and other investment management firms.

Since its establishment in 2017, Bracket Capital has emerged as a favoured partner for C-Suites, employees, and investors in some of the world’s most successful pre-IPO technology companies. The firm’s proven approach to investing has earned it a solid reputation in the industry.

Fund III will adopt a capacity-constrained design, focusing on large co-investment opportunities. Its primary target will be later-stage, private, technology-enabled companies, with a particular emphasis on secondary market purchases from employees and early investors at these businesses.

Additionally, Fund III plans to participate in special-situation primary investment rounds.

The overwhelming support from existing investors is a testament to Bracket’s exceptional track record. Approximately 90% of Fund III commitments came from investors in Fund II LP, further showcasing the firm’s credibility.

As of now, Fund III has already made four investments, including prominent companies such as Stripe, ThatGameCompany, Clutter, and Soundhound. One notable achievement was Bracket Capital’s leading role in a private investment in public equity (PIPE) deal for Soundhound, solidifying its position as one of the company’s significant shareholders.

In January 2021, Bracket Capital celebrated the successful closure of Bracket Capital Fund II, LP, which raised $150m in capital commitments. The firm also secured an additional $300m in co-investment vehicles to invest alongside Fund II, resulting in a total deployment of over $450m during the investment period.

Since its inception, Bracket Capital has invested in more than 50 companies, leading to 23 successful exits, with over $300m in realised proceeds in the last three years alone. Some of its noteworthy prior investments include SpaceX, Airbnb, Coinbase, Palantir, SoFi, Hive.AI, Synthesis AI, and others.

Bracket Capital’s achievements highlight its position as a key player in the investment landscape, forging strong partnerships and fostering growth in the technology sector.