Capgemini said that it has been selected by Bpifrance to create the next generation digital factory of the French public sector investment bank.

Aimed at expediting innovation and the digital transformation of both Bpifrance and its clientele, the digital factory will provide the bank’s IT teams with cutting-edge technologies. The focus of these will be specially on data processing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Additionally, under the new agreement, Capgemini will implement an eco-design programme to assist the bank in hastening the reduction of its carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of its products and services.

According to Capgemini, the French public investment bank’s new banking information system relies on a cloud-native infrastructure and will be augmented by a new initiative aimed at digitising business processes.

In a bid to boost operational efficiency, Capgemini and Bpifrance developers’ teams will undergo training in the latest AI technologies, with a specific focus on generative AI.

Bpifrance chief information officer Lionel Chaine said: “The Digital Factory marks a key stage in our transformation.

“We want to equip our banking information system with the very latest technologies, so that we can offer both innovative and eco-responsible solutions to tomorrow’s French industrial leaders, enabling them to accelerate their development while improving their customer experience.”

To aid the bank’s transformation, Capgemini will establish an academy exclusively designed for Bpifrance. This academy aims to train the digital factory teams, covering not only new technologies but also the latest standards in eco-design and the reduction of carbon footprint throughout the entire life cycle of products and services.

Capgemini said that it is contributing to Bpifrance’s transformation by assembling a diverse team, including business experts, customer interface specialists, developers, AI specialists, data scientists, architects, agile methodology specialists, and IT testers.

Capgemini France financial services operations director Laurence Lamarcade-Cochet said: “We’re proud to work hand in hand with Bpifrance on this ambitious programme aiming to both accelerate the transformation of a key player for innovation and entrepreneurship in France and deliver innovative and eco-responsible solutions to accompany its customers’ development.

“Our collaboration based on trust, agility, efficiency and commitment, will be a key driver for the success of this programme.”