British oil and gas company BP has announced the launch of an electric vehicle (EV) charging hub, Gigahub, in Birmingham, UK.

Located at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), the new EV charging hub can simultaneously charge 180 EVs.

It is also in close proximity to the Birmingham Airport and a main train station.

The new hub is a three-way collaboration between the NEC, EV Network (EVN) and bp pulse, an electrification and charging solution brand from BP.

BP pulse will operate the EV charging hub.

The Gigahub at the NEC features 30 ultra-fast 150kW and 150 fast 7kW charge points.

The two types of chargers will help drivers who have to get back on the road to quickly charge while others who have time can plug in to a slower charger, said BP.

To enhance the driver experience, the Gigahub is featured with Wi-Fi, accessible bays for disabled drivers, canopies to keep customers protected from the elements as well as CCTV for security.

BP pulse delivery lead James Birdsall said: “bp pulse is scaling up rapidly. Projects like the NEC charging hub are building a foundation for future projects.”

In March 2023, BP pulse signed a pan-European frame agreement with UK-based customised parking solutions provider APCOA Parking Group to develop more than 100 EV fast charging hubs across Europe.

According to the terms of the agreement, BP pulse intends to deploy ultra-fast charging at Urban Hubs, the parking solutions provider’s car parks, in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, and the UK over the next three years.