US-based third-party cyber risk intelligence firm Black Kite has introduced three new features to automate cyber-ecosystem risk compliance.

The three solutions, namely Black Kite Enterprise Frameworks, Black Kite Compliance Gap Analysis, and Black Kite Parser 2.0 transform a time-intensive procedure into a scalable one by significantly reducing the manual tasks necessary for third-party compliance assessments. This results in a reduction of manual work from days or weeks to just minutes.

Black Kite said that together, the three capabilities will transform compliance automation for companies across the globe.

Black Kite co-founder and chief technology officer Candan Bolukbas said: “Black Kite’s new capabilities deliver industry-leading cyber-aware AI mapping to custom compliance controls with gap assessment and remediation, which automates compliance at scale, saving organisations hours to days of combing through manual assessments and questionnaires.”

Black Kite Parser 2.0 is a document parser and natural language processing model that streamlines third-party risk efforts through automation, enabling companies to save significant time and effort.

It drives Black Kite’s compliance module by allowing clients to correlate vendor cybersecurity findings to 15 industry regulations and standards.

The solution recognises over 130 different languages and can parse, analyse, and map results to all cybersecurity controls within the Black Kite platform in minutes to gauge third-party compliance.

The Enterprise Frameworks solution will help institutions to automate compliance to a customised set of standards and controls. It utilises Parser 2.0’s cyber-aware AI to link and validate a vendor’s compliance using a specific set of rules based on a company’s evaluation criteria.

Compliance Gap Analysis will offer a report of the controls that do not address a specified level of satisfactory compliance.

The solution used in conjunction with Black Kite Parser 2.0 reduces the number of compliance controls that require further analysis.

Besides, combined with Enterprise Frameworks, the feature enables users to automate their tailored vendor compliance assessment.