Bfore.AI, a predictive threat intelligence and digital risk protection services provider, has joined forces with the American Bankers Association (ABA) with an aim to prevent financial crime.

Through the collaboration, Bfore.AI will support the American Bankers Association in educating the banking sector on significant cybersecurity risks affecting the financial sector and cutting-edge methods for proactive protection and prevention of loss.

The new alliance will also enhance the firm’s visibility and credibility within the financial industry as well as offer opportunities for both organisations to collaborate to encourage mutually beneficial programmes targeted at America’s banks.

Bfore.AI co-founder and chief technology officer Sebasian Cesario said: “The financial sector is a frequent target of cyberattacks due to the sensitive and valuable nature of the data it holds – and creating deep tech with a business-driven approach aimed specifically at this market has been challenging to say the least.

“Joining the ABA and getting feedback from the banking industry is an extraordinary way of validating our cutting-edge technology and making sure it adds real value to the financial market.”

According to Bfore.AI, the collaboration will help it to become a go-to resource for bankers who seek information on fintech risks and regulatory compliance and live and on-demand financial crime prevention training and education.

Furthermore, the firm will guide bankers who look for information regarding exhibitions and meetings at American Bankers Association summits and events. It also expects to serve participants in relevant discussion groups like banking and security networks.

The American Bankers Association is a trade association comprised of small, regional, and large banks that collectively employ over two million people, protect $17 trillion in deposits and provide loans worth around $11 trillion.