Sweden-headquartered risk and security firm Berring Group AB (BERRING) has in recent months embarked on a committed expansion, and now reveal plans to expand further in the Asia-Pacific region, with a new office planned in Singapore. 

BERRING provides medium to large international businesses, public sector and private clients with expertise in the planning, development, operation, and support of complex security and risk challenges, offering end-to-end solutions in everything from analytics, operations, investigations and risk management to executive protection and threat monitoring.

Since its inception, Berring Group’s security and risk consultancy has grown to a global team of more than 100 consultants spread across offices in Europe and the US, and in March 2024 the firm launches its first Asian office at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) in the heart of Singapore’s CBD to serve as its regional Asia-Pacific hub – signaling the beginning of an ambitious and determined expansion into the region.

“The Singapore office represents a strategic expansion at this period of economic transformation in Southeast Asia of the Berring Group’s organization. Berring has decided to position our regional headquarters in Singapore, as we have sensed the opportunities arising from the various economic development trends in Southeast Asia.” said Berring Group’s CEO Jesper K. Pedersen.

Jesper K. Pedersen continued; “Drawing on resources from our global network and our 20 year history of operating in the region, Berring aims to support companies in Southeast Asia in realizing their vision of business transformation, resilience, and upgrade, while taking the lead in raising the standards of the modern security-, and risk services industry in the region. The establishment of the new (office) serves as a strong testament to the commitment to consolidating and expanding the presence in the region as the partner of choice in building operational resilience and driving security enhancements.”

Source: Company Press Release