Digital banking channels provider Bankingly has partnered with Nigeria-based financial infrastructure solutions company Woodcore to transform digital solutions for financial firms across Africa.

Through the collaboration, the companies aim to deliver a comprehensive digital transformation plan for banks and financial institutions from Africa to help them grow their reach and enhance customer experience.

Besides, Bankingly and Woodcore expect to deliver innovative financial services to financial firms.

Established in 2021, Woodcore provides banks with a composable suite of banking services, enabling seamless operations over the internet.

The firm is also said to facilitate faster digitisation of financial organisations.

Woodcore develops application programming interfaces (APIs) that banks can integrate into their systems to provide financial services such as loans to clients without physically visiting the bank.

Woodcore co-founder and chief operating officer Toyin Olaseinde said: “Bankingly has years of experience building digital channels for financial institutions and so this collaboration means that we can now provide a comprehensive digitization plan for financial organisations that are looking to scale, without them needing an in-house technology team to build.”

Based in Uruguay, Bankingly partners with financial firms to allow financial health and inclusion for all.

The company offers digital channels to small and medium financial institutions in emerging markets around the world.

Bankingly English Africa senior sales director Damian Glaser said: “This collaboration with Woodcore allows for a solution that is holistic, and affordable for financial institutions in the long run.

“Together, we’re providing a way for financial service providers to tremendously improve operations, which will in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction rates and drive engagement.”