Banco Patagonia, a financial institution in Argentina, is set to advance its digital transformation strategy by joining forces with Kyndryl, an IT infrastructure services provider.

The partnership will integrate Dynatrace’s unified observability and security platform to enhance the digital monitoring of the bank’s core services, processes, and applications with artificial intelligence (AI).

Banco Patagonia aims to improve its customer service by boosting its digital channels’ agility. Using Dynatrace’s AI-driven platform, Kyndryl will enable Banco Patagonia to get precise, automated responses, understand real-time root cause of issues, measure business impacts, and discover dependencies across infrastructure changes and applications.

With a presence in over 200 customer service points across Argentina, Banco Patagonia’s modernization efforts aim to add more value for its individual and corporate clients. This initiative is part of the bank’s response to the rapid changes happening in the banking industry, where the adoption of emerging technology is becoming a requirement for providing fast, secure, and personalized services to customers.

Banco Patagonia technology and production manager Alejandro Panteón said: “For Banco Patagonia, the work with Kyndryl and Dynatrace enables us to monitor and have end-to-end observability of its critical applications, services and processes. Our objective is to improve customer experience by providing agile, safe and efficient services.”

The collaboration with Kyndryl Consult’s experts in Applications, Data & AI has led to the identification of the best-suited solution for the bank’s needs. A digital transformation roadmap has been crafted to match the swift pace of evolution required by the financial services industry, propelling Banco Patagonia’s journey towards advanced digital banking.

Kyndryl Argentina managing director Mariano Ragognetti said: “Kyndryl has been a strategic partner for Banco Patagonia for over a decade, accompanying each digital transformation challenge, at each stage.

“This collaboration is the result of years of relationship, which allowed us to combine Kyndryl’s deep expertise in the bank’s infrastructure and applications and the Dynatrace Platform to help improve the digital experience for the bank’s customers.”