French IT company Atos is partnering with Moroccan telecommunication company inwi to support Umnia Bank in the transformation of its information system.

The two firms are supporting the Moroccan participatory bank as part of an outsourcing programme for its information system. The programme is said to be an important step in the development of Umnia Bank’s IT infrastructure.

The partnership between Atos and inwi is expected to help the bank in various aspects. This particularly includes the supply and management of cloud infrastructures in two regions and outsourcing of Umnia Bank’s information system.

It will also cover security and the management of internet access points, management of the user base, and the supply of the telecom network’s secure infrastructure.

Inwi has been involved in expediting the digital transformation of Moroccan companies over the years.

Inwi general director Mohammed Benmahjoub said: “This major project is in line with our commitment to provide Moroccan companies with cutting-edge digital and connectivity solutions with high added value.

“Achieving this in partnership with Atos, the leader in IT services in Morocco, confirms the strong commitment to support Umnia Bank in its ambitious digital transformation projects.”

Inwi and Atos will implement the required synergies for supporting the Moroccan bank in meeting its challenges with digital transformation.

Atos said that it will help the outsourcing programme with its expertise in outsourcing projects in multiple fields of activity, which includes the financial sector.

Atos Africa director Alpha Barry said: “Atos has strong expertise in the digital transformation of many customers in the banking sector.

“By working hand in hand with inwi, the telecommunications leader in Morocco, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for Umnia Bank and support it in its innovation initiatives.”