French IT company Atos is expanding its partnership with IBM with an objective to support financial enterprises and institutions in Europe to build trust in the cloud and comply with the regulations of the European Union (EU).

The partnership, which is around IBM Cloud for Financial Services, will enable financial services providers in reaching optimum data and systems security with “EU trusted third party cybersecurity monitoring” provided by Atos.

Atos and IBM will help organisations, including operators of essential services (OES) and operators of vital importance (OIV) to take a further step in adopting cloud technology.

The additional capabilities offered by the partners will allow the organisations to safeguard their data and systems further. They will also be able to have them supervised in accordance with the EU Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) as well as the French national military programming law.

IBM France country general manager Béatrice Kosowski said: “This partnership with Atos will enable an even greater transparency and trust for financial institutions who want to use a cloud environment for their critical workloads. It will complement IBM Cloud for Financial Services, already very well known for its innovative services and automated security and compliance.

“End to end IBM Cloud security monitoring supplied by Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, is a unique and a forward-looking approach on the market to address compliance objectives.”

Atos said that it will help organisations that use the IBM Cloud for Financial Services to leverage its know-how in cloud security via its local security operations centre (SOC) in France.

The SOC will monitor the IBM Cloud infrastructure, data plane and control plane on a permanent basis by detecting, analysing, and notifying security incidents so that all threats are handled immediately.

Atos Southern Europe head Yannick Tricaud said: “As our clients’ need for cloud solutions continues to accelerate and the associated regulatory environment becomes increasingly complex, IBM cloud for Financial Services, which is enabling clients to meet the most stringent local regulations, is now complemented with an EU trusted party, made possible thanks to the cybersecurity monitoring provided by Atos.”