Singaporean wealth management company Aseana Partners is set to launch its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven wealth management solution, dubbed InvestIQ AI.

To be launched next year, InvestIQ AI brings together AI technology and the expertise of Aseana Partners’ wealth management professionals.

The new solution will use sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics to empower clients with customised investment strategies that easily go in line with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

InvestIQ AI will examine client data to curate investment strategies that adapt to market dynamics and individual goals. It will also offer continuous risk oversight to ensure that portfolios align with risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Besides, the AI-driven wealth management solution’s predictive capacity will predict market trends and identify investment opportunities to keep customers informed for wise decisions.

Furthermore, InvestIQ AI will integrate data from diverse sources, providing comprehensive financial planning encompassing assets, liabilities and market trends.

Aseana Partners CEO Jun Wei Chua said: “Dedication to addressing each client’s unique financial journey has led to the development of InvestIQ AI.

”The fusion of AI technology with wealth management prowess will empower clients with personalised and forward-looking financial strategies.”

Founded in 2011, Aseana Partners offers a wide range of services including wealth planning, investment management and portfolio solutions.

The firm provides wealth management services that are tailored to individual investors, business owners, and corporations to support them in achieving their financial goals.

Through the new wealth management solution, Aseana Partners seeks to redefine clients’ approach towards financial planning and investment strategies.