ARGO, a leading provider of high-value technology and analytical-sciences software for the financial services and healthcare industries, announced today that three banks have licensed software to automate customer journey engagement, intelligent lead generation, voice of customer, account fulfillment, consumer loan origination, and small business loan origination, across digital and physical channels.

ARGO Connects enables financial institutions to implement an automated, Omni-channel, customer-centric delivery business model that enhances the entire consumer digital experience. Leveraging consumer lifetime value information, the system expands customer journey touchpoints, including intelligent lead generation, account acquisition, customer engagement, increased risk detection and mitigation, and paperless fulfillment.

A Pennsylvania-based bank ($50 billion in assets) that operates over 300 branches across 7 states and two Texas-based banks ($3.1 billion and $13.3 billion in assets) are implementing Connects to better anticipate and identify their customers’ financial needs and proactively engage with their customers through relevant, informative content. Through a collaborative pairing of digital and human resources, these banks can now provide an intelligent, consistent customer experience.

“While digital brings greater CX and convenience, a negative consequence is that bankers are losing visibility into consumer needs and desires, frustrations, and attrition indicators,” said Todd Robertson, Senior Vice President, ARGO. “A new business model is needed for earlier prospect engagement, expanded customer insight with intelligent questionnaires, voice of customer closer to the interaction moment of truth, and Omni fulfillment. ARGO Connects ensures that exceptional customer acquisition and servicing for deposits and loans remain consistent, regardless of the path the customer chooses to leverage when interacting with the bank.”

Source: Company Press Release