Airbase, a procure-to-pay solutions provider for mid-market and larger organisations, has introduced its advanced spend analytics and vendor management capabilities.

The new offerings are expected to add critical depth to Airbase’s spend orchestration software.

Airbase’s new spend analytics and vendor management offerings will help businesses even with a small or non-existent procurement team to streamline company spending.

Decision-makers will be better guided and informed in their decisions with real-time insights into all spending, including accounts payable, employee expenses, and corporate cards.

The spend analytics capability will offer detailed visibility into company spend, including the spending process itself. This will help business with strategic insights and data to enable them to make better business decisions and enhance agility.

Airbase’s vendor management offering will provide an extensive view of vendor performance and risk. It is expected to assure compliance and support strong and strategic vendor relationships.

Besides, the solutions will optimise vendor onboarding, automate invoice processing, and enhance risk management. They will also automate routine tasks to free up time for procurement teams.

Airbase founder and CEO Thejo Kote said: “At Airbase, we recognise the strategic value that well-run procurement processes bring to an organisation. That’s why our spend analytics reveals opportunities to save money on purchasing and also identifies ways to reduce the operational costs associated with the procurement process itself.

“The mid-market and larger organisations we serve run complex businesses and must be armed to make critical, data-driven decisions fast. I’m proud that Airbase is the first to offer them the spend visibility and insights to do so on-demand and with ease.”

Based in the US, Airbase consolidates all aspects of the spend cycle into a single platform. The all-in-one solution includes modules for guided procurement (intake), accounts payable, expense management, and physical and virtual corporate cards.

It automates and optimises the approval and accounting workflows for spend with a user-friendly interface.