In a groundbreaking move toward sustainable mobility, ADNOC has officially unveiled “H2GO,” marking the UAE’s inaugural high-speed green hydrogen pilot refuelling station.

Situated on land generously provided by Masdar City and operated by ADNOC Distribution, the station heralds a new era of zero-emission transportation. Using an electrolyser powered by clean grid electricity, H2GO will produce green hydrogen from water, aligning with ADNOC’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Certified as “green” by the International REC Standard—an esteemed global certification organisation—the hydrogen supplied at the pilot station originates from solar sources. This marks a significant step towards establishing the viability of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the UAE.

The integrated transport centre in Abu Dhabi is actively supporting this pivotal pilot initiative.

ADNOC low carbon solutions and international growth executive director Musabbeh Al Kaabi said: “We are pleased to launch this unique high-speed green hydrogen refuelling station which supports the UAE’s National Hydrogen Strategy. ADNOC continues to collaborate with local and international companies on innovative technologies and low-carbon solutions that can accelerate decarbonisation and support a responsible energy transition.”

Linde, an industrial gases and engineering company, contributed a high-speed refueler, further enhancing the station’s capabilities. Toyota, Al Futtaim Motors, and BMW have joined hands to provide a fleet of hydrogen vehicles for the pilot, which will undergo testing by various taxi companies, including Tawasul.

Hydrogen, as an energy carrier, stands out for its capacity to produce zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during utilisation. From production to end-use, no carbon is released into the atmosphere, underscoring the environmental sustainability of H2GO.

The station’s innovative electrolyser, fuelled by clean-grid electricity, symbolises ADNOC Distribution’s commitment to pioneering green mobility solutions.

This milestone follows ADNOC Distribution’s earlier venture, E2GO, which focuses on building and operating electric vehicle infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE. With an initial allocation of $15bn, ADNOC is dedicated to advancing lower-carbon solutions and developing decarbonisation technologies.

The ultimate goal is to reduce carbon intensity by 25% by 2030, culminating in the ambitious Net Zero target by 2045. ADNOC’s H2GO is a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable innovation in the realm of transportation.

Masdar City chairman Abdulla Balalaa said: “Masdar City has been committed to sustainable transportation since its inception in 2006 and has been a pioneer in multiple forms of transportation from the first EVs in the UAE to the autonomous PRT system. We welcome this partnership with ADNOC to pilot hydrogen in the UAE.

“Currently transportation accounts for approximately 20% of the total global carbon output, and we need to work across every technology possible on our journey to net zero.  We are excited to continue to support carbon free transportation in the UAE.”