Accordion has agreed to acquire Merilytics, an India-based provider of advanced analytics, data management, and business intelligence reporting solutions, for an undisclosed sum.

Established in 2011, Merilytics employs decision sciences and an analytics-based approach to produce data-driven returns for its private equity-focused customers. 

The company’s clients are said to span a range of industries including logistics and transportation, media and entertainment, CPG and retail, healthcare, technology and IT, industrials, consumer services and others. 

With headquarters in Hyderabad, Merilytics is said to work with over 80 clients to develop extensive data management, advanced analytics, and reporting solutions. 

The company’s solutions are expected to produce high-quality insights to allow better decision-making and drive efficiencies and improvements across the business. 

Merilytics CEO and founder Paavan Choudary said: “Accordion has a sterling reputation in the private equity space, with more than 250 relationships that can expand our market for analytics solutions and also strengthen our FP&A solutions.  

“We’re excited to join forces with Accordion, not only for their market position and cultural fit between the two firms, but because our analytics expertise, technology, and capabilities will truly enhance the impact Accordion has on its clients.” 

Through the acquisition of Merilytics, Accordion expects to expedite its project delivery as well as deliver end-to-end support for clients and continue with the advanced data and analytics technology. 

Merilytics is expected to integrate into Accordion’s client teams to expedite the pace of engagements. 

The acquisition is also expected to expand Accordion’s data management, advanced analytics, and long-term support capabilities. 

Accordion CEO and founder Nick Leopard said: “We looked at several companies in search of the right partner to advance our data & analytics capabilities, and Merilytics’ reputation, quality of work, and customer partnership orientation made clear they were the perfect fit. 

“Merilytics’ best-in-class solutions for financial analytics, operational analytics, and data management will be a tremendous addition to Accordion’s ability to deliver long-term client value.”