Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure firm ABB E-mobility has announced the expansion of its solutions for public and fleet EV charging in North America.

The company’s latest additions to its existing North American charging portfolio include Terra 360, Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A, and HVC360 power cabinet.

According to ABB E-mobility, the Terra 360 all-in-one charger is developed to pack high power into a small footprint by offering up to 360kW of power for a full charge in less than 15 minutes.

It features CCS-1 in a dual-outlet configuration, thereby enabling the charging of two vehicles simultaneously.

Besides, Terra 360 will cater to commercial fleet requirements where an all-in-one footprint and power-sharing strategies are optimal.

ABB E-mobility stated that its new HVC360 power cabinet will allow ultimate site design flexibility by charging up to four buses or trucks simultaneously.

HVC360 has the flexibility to combine multiple dispenser types on a single cabinet. This helps fleet operators to mix and match the ideal charging configuration for their requirements.

The Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A, with its configurable capability to provide output power from 9.6kW to 19.2kW, is ideal for light and medium-duty commercial vehicle fleets with larger batteries, said ABB E-mobility.

ABB E-mobility North America senior vice president Bob Stojanovic said: “ABB E-mobility is committed to developing and deploying advanced charging technologies that are ready for the current and future requirements of public charging sites as well as the unique needs of every sized EV fleet.

“These new products, along with our existing line of robust chargers, continue to represent our high standards for safety, reliability and usability, whether we’re providing charging technology to a public charging site or critical fleet operations with 97% uptime targets and high asset utilisation goals.”