AAZZUR, an embedded finance integrator, has partnered with Salt Edge, an open banking platform, in a collaboration aimed at enhancing open banking offerings and accelerating market entry for their clients.

The integration of Salt Edge’s advanced open banking technology and compliance solution into AAZZUR’s embedded finance ecosystem will expand the range of open banking services available while providing clients with improved financial insights, risk management capabilities, and data security.

AAZZUR CEO Philipp Buschmann said: “I am thrilled about our collaboration with Salt Edge and the integration of their exceptional open banking gateway into our smart finance ecosystem. Salt Edge is a company that has started in aggregation but has taken things to the next level.

“Salt Edge impresses on growth, resilience and ingenuity. We are truly excited about joining forces and deploying their solutions to our customer base.”

By incorporating Salt Edge’s financial API platform and PSD2 Compliance Solution, AAZZUR gains an opportunity to assist its clients in meeting stringent open banking requirements while delivering innovative solutions more efficiently than ever before.

This integration ensures a higher level of security for AAZZUR’s clients, with enhanced customer experiences, including upgraded onboarding and risk assessment capabilities, enriched financial data insights, comprehensive data security measures, and overall fairer services.

With this collaboration, AAZZUR aims to empower its clients with state-of-the-art open banking solutions, enabling them to harness the potential of embedded finance and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape.

By leveraging Salt Edge’s expertise, AAZZUR can provide its clients with a competitive edge, ensuring they can meet regulatory demands while delivering seamless and secure financial services to end-users.

Salt Edge chief growth officer Alina Beleuta said: “Here at Salt Edge, we’re thrilled to join forces with AAZZUR, an innovative platform for embedded finance, both sharing a common goal to build a world where better financial well-being is effortless.

“We double our forces to bring innovations to the financial landscape through seamless open banking solutions. Now more banks and EMIs will become open banking compliant while having at the core a perfect match between customer safety and convenience.”