In a world of uncertainty, CFOs need to build stability and power growth. And with greater scrutiny on performance and corporate behaviour, the finance teams that can help their businesses balance profit and purpose are set to thrive.

In that context, CFOs are challenged on many fronts as they work to meet the expectations from their shareholders, employees, customers, and communities around the world.

With access to vast volumes of internal and external data and advanced analytics, high-performing CFOs can generate insights that guide the business forward. Coupled with the ability to quickly act on their findings, these finance teams help their companies make better strategic decisions for their customers and ecosystems.

To understand how CFOs must adapt to new demands, Genpact’s report, CFOs Empowering Enterprises in the Age of Instinct, shares practical advice on how to begin the transformation. We explore some of the report’s key topics in the following pages.

The CFOs featured in this guide are at the vanguard of the next evolution of the role. We’d like to thank all of them for their participation.