Achieving sustainable growth is the holy grail for every business – in whichever sector they operate. But knowing when and how to invest, and with the right partner, can be a minefield. And as the digital revolution gathers pace, getting left behind is no longer an option. The era of radical transformation is upon us, and the boldest companies are well on the way towards revolutionising how they approach their finances.

More to the point, the best companies are proving that even the most complex transformation can be done on time and to budget. That is vitally important: even as the industry is changing, too many transformation projects fail to deliver on their promises. Businesses who set out to achieve cost reduction, improved efficiency, greater transparency and standardisation of processes can often find that the advertised benefits are not delivered. Whether it is poor planning, flawed governance or unforeseen glitches in execution, the risk of failure is high.

Cognizant, however, is different – leaders in designing and delivering fully-aligned business process outsourcing (BPO) projects. That focus on alignment takes into account a client’s specific needs, risks and opportunities, with personalisation a centrepiece of every project. This guide lifts the lid on how Cognizant works with clients from the inception of a BPO initiative, through the design and implementation – and out the other side. Two clients at different stages of their BPO journey reveal how they worked in collaboration with Cognizant to define and deliver what have proved to be transformative visions.